What’s On

We have a number of activities to promote comradeship and tackle social exclusion including weekly social clubs, bacon roll mornings, frequent music mornings, cinema nights and trips out.


Wednesday is the D-Day club for our older veterans, they meet in the British Legion near the centre. There are activities like crafting, cooking, quizzes and bingo all accompanied by the traditional banter.

Lothian Veteran Centre Activities


On Friday mornings there are the bacon roll mornings, who doesn’t like a free bacon roll? Or sausage, or black pudding, just no doublers (that means you Dave Devenney).


We have a timetable of upcoming events prepared for Veterans and their families. 

Previous events include trips up the Forth on RIBS, visits to various museums and an Edinburgh based brewery, to name a few.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our events and activities